Compassion to the Core

Swami Sadanand has become a synonym for compassion and love for all those who have met him at least once in life.

Facilitating reconciliation among the warring groups and estranged family members was the most important mission of Swamiji for the last thirty years. The Divine power that emanated from him had the capacity to melt many stony hearts. Swami Sadanand played a crucial role in getting on parole Mr. Smandar Singh, the main convict in the Sr. Rani Maria murder case and bringing about reconciliation between Samandar Singh and the family members of Sr. Rani Maria. He was instrumental in bringing about peace and harmony in thousands of families through his mediation for settling disputes and quarrels. Once he was asked to medicate between two warring groups regarding the right to perform pooja in a Hindu temple in Narsighpur district of Madhya Pradesh. The civil authorities later honoured him with the award of communal harmony
for his outstanding contribution in bringing about harmony among the followers of different communities.

He had visited all central and district jails in Madhya Pradesh with the message of God’s forgiveness and the need to forgive one another. “Miracles happen in front of our very eyes as hard core criminals melt like wax; my tool in all reconciliatory attempts is prayer, penance and fasting”, said Swamiji once.

Swamiji was a specialist in herbal medicines and indigenous methods of healing. Medicines given by Swamiji with lot of love and affection worked miracles in thousands. Many could feel the divine touch through the touch of Swamiji. The poor were the main beneficiaries of Swamiji’s healing ministry.

Large number of people had approached Swamiji for psychological and spiritual healing and Swami could make time for anyone who approached him. He never took any remuneration for his healing services. When some friends suggested keeping a donation box Swamiji retorted, “Jesus had no donation box”.

Like Jesus of Nazaret Swami was available 24 hours at the service of people. “I have no time” was not in the dictionary of Swami Sadanand. He made himself available for finding water sources, spiritual guidance, taking classes etc. He used to travel hundreds of kilometres even during the scorching summer to make available his services and that too by making use of the cheapest common transport. When death embraced him 25th April 2016 he had already travelled about 700 k.m. from his residence in Chindwara to a convent in Sentwa in Khargone district. Often he travelled in general compartment to express his solidarity with the teeming millions of poor people of our country.

When Swami came to know that someone was in trouble he immediately rushed to the spot. He never waited for an invitation or an instruction. Swami had friendship with a good number of officers in various government departments. He generously made use of his friendship and influence to help the people in trouble. Above all his presence itself had a soothing effect on the persons who were in trouble.

Swami Sadanand strongly believed that God is not limited to the scriptures or rituals of any particular religion; God is present beyond all religions and rituals in every human being and in the nature. As a student, studying in Ranchi in the 1970’, he had personally met Mother Theresa and asked her a question, Have you seen God?” Mother Theresa replied, “Now, I see God here and in you”. He could rush to help anyone in difficulty because he could see God in every human being.