Passion for Justice

With prophetic zeal and the passion of Jesus Christ Swami fought against injustice and exploitation both within the church and the society. He could challenge anyone with the courage of John the Baptist. The weapons he used to fight against injustice were non-violence and Sayagragha. Jesus and Mahatma Gandhi were his role models in confronting unjust situations. There are instances when he resorted to fasting continuously for more than a week. His fight against injustice never created an iota of hatred or ill feeling in him against the persons who were responsible for causing injustice.

Swami Sadanand fought against systemic injustice too. While he was working in Tada village in Sagar district he confronted the high castes those who were practicing untouchability and discriminating against the dalits. He started the practice of growing beard and hair at Tada as a protest because the village barbers were refusing to cut the hair and shave the beard of dalits. The reaction of the high castes against organizing the dalits for justice and equality was very damaging. Twice his house was set on fire, twice he was physically attacked and two attempts were made to take his life. But that did not deter him from pursuing his cause for justice and human dignity.