Source of His Power

Swami Sadanand had strongly believed that the Divine power was within him and he could use this power to help people as Jesus did. What was needed to become conscious of the divine presence and live in that presence. The means adopted by Swamiji to live in the divine presence was daily contemplation without fail. He used to wake up at 3.30 a.m. and spent the morning time (Brahma Muhurta) for meditation and practice of yoga.

For him the most powerful person in the world is the one who has overcome his wants and desires. Swamiji adopted an austere life primarily to energize himself and enhance his soft power. Eating only once a day, sleeping less than five hours a day, wearing only bare minimum dress even in the biting cold, not using slippers even when the mercury was touching 50 degree Celsius were some of the ascetic practices Swamiji adopted with joy.

Another objective of an austere life and undertaking certain strange practises was to experience the situation of the poorest of the poor in the world. He had undertaken experiments like begging, living with construction workers for a few months working as construction labourers and wandering like mendicant for about a year.

Swamiji has summarized the message of his life in the following words.

“The well being of all creatures is the joy of God;
Everything in the universe is the gift of God, proclaiming his presence;
Everything I offer at your feet at every moment;
O my God your will is my will.”

The body of Swami Sadanand has left us; but the legacy of his honest and authentic life, his ever smiling face emitting divine grace, his unparallel compassion, his prophetic zeal for justice, his unlimited availability without counting the cost, his extraordinary courage and his capacity to live in the divine presence always will continue to inspire us and the coming generations.